Saturday, March 26, 2011

Spread my wings, Make me fly.

sum-up of today :

a few relatives are back now for Cheng Beng thingy, so after school headed for lunch with them and dad. everyone is pretty busy there in jakarta so only 4 or 5 came back.

anyway, i swear i love Katy Perry to the blood!! she rocks all her songs, the lyrics, her stage performances, her music videos, her vintage style, and definitely everything!
so i went back home and tried to download several songs from her Teenage Dream album and guess what? my wifi was working like so effing rapid. it's never been that way everytime i downloaded via BB.

the question is, WHEN?

that's all for the 26th then, gotta go for dinner.
i hope you guys have a wonderful Saturday night, bonne nuit
"Don't expect anything, some people don't seem to keep their promises anymore."

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