Friday, March 25, 2011

Party like it's the end of the world

did you ever feel being left behind? being ignored or nobody wants and cares about you? the thought of "if i die, will anyone miss me?" crossed your mind?

i'm pretty certain everyone has been through that phase though, i myself as well. it's been quite a few times and i ended up crying myself to sleep, feeling terribly miserable and desperately wanting to sleep forever and never wake up. but then again, i have no idea why, the next morning i wake up, i will be very relieved, feels nothing but good, how those insane thoughts, tears and feelings seem to disappear. sleeping is my best medicine though. & well perhaps the only thing you should actually note in mind every single moment is that you're grateful for life, for everything in it. and yes, i am, very blessed indeed :)
that kind of feeling certainly has to be shoo-ed away, far far away. you will not know how much you mean to some people, really. stop complaining, cherish every moments of your life, & live it to the fullest :)

anyway, i... want... this... please?

yes yes yes :D

tomorrow is saturdayayayay :D
may you guys have an awesome weekend

till then, xx

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