Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Dynamic Duo

i took a few random pictures today. this is like the random-est post i've ever done. :)

this is on my glasses, yes. i didn't notice that ridiculous label while buying and when i took it, i happened to regret it... so effing much.

one of the collections.

my best boyfriend and little companion everyday :)

last but not least, did i ever mention that i desperately want to cut a little fat out of my cheek? they look as round as a ball, i swear. well i might just be grateful since my mom always says "it's prosperity, dear" everytime i look in the mirror and complain.

that's all for March 23rd, unbelievable that April is going to approach... like real soon.
"Take chances. Tell the truth. Sing out loud. Tell people how much they mean to you. Regret nothing. Be happy."
loves to readers :)

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