Thursday, March 25, 2010

oh darling i wish you were here

hello, sorry for the late post.
ive been sort of busy enjoying my holiday haha. and what kind of student i am to be so calm and relaxed whilst im going to have my national exams in like 3 days?! really, i dont feel like im worried about it, well though i am nervous. but the laziness is controlling my whole self and i dont even get the intention to study, at all. yep i repeat at all. /:

and the most insane thing is that, my brain is mostly full of the 3-month holiday, not the bloody hell exams. my thoughts recently have always been about where am i going to spend my holidays on, or how my vacations would be, am i going to be hella bored at home for the 3 months or spending the whole time shopping and having fun INSTEAD OF am i going to face the exams well, are the questions going to be hard, or am i going to pass the tests and enter the senior years. seesh this is so crazy /: you gotta work hard before you get some fun, right? haha.

okay thinking about all the exams preparations are driving me nuts, so better freshen my mind as often as possible before the D-day comes.

saturday night, it was my cousin's sweet 17th birthday party at our restaurant (: it was raining which super sucks! but afterall the celebration was great. it was simple, but my cousin looked so glam! :D

getting hair, makeup and nails done : )

cousins : D

me and the bday girl ;)

little cousin <3

monday, i went to shop at kotanopan with my girls cousins and friends. it's an area where you can buy stuffs with cheap prices and in a big amount, like a dozen or more. and the best part is, the stuffs are mostly pretty. i just couldnt resist not to do some purchases after passing by all the stores along the street /: i think im going back there again on saturday hahaha.

me want that big bear!! :(
haha these keychains are so going to be memorable :p
the stores are like WHOA so many things -__-

things i got : D

tuesday night, i went to a local shopping mall with my parents and brother. it's been awhile though. who doesnt love spending quality family times together?!

brudder! he used to be so cute,
haha not anymore

check out my not-so-white teeth! HAHA

just to tell you im such a hello kitty freak

wednesday, i went nowhere. had to work at night, and that was the first time i felt so excited abt going to work haha. maybe because im so broke alrd and im in need of money ROFL.

today, woke up in the afternoon and had to go to school for ONLY 2 hours! it's not like we got anything to learn duh /: then in the evening, i went for some swimming session with a friend. so glad i finally did some sports haha.

so i guess that's all for today (:
imma be back tomorrow and come up with a long long post
with stunning pictures i got from the web :D

my bear says hello and goodnight xx

"Life is a succession of lessons
which must be lived to be understood"
Ralph Waldo Emerson


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