Thursday, March 18, 2010


i had some hectic and super-tiring, complicated, down days.. i felt like i wanted to just, stop my life and end everything. i even had some negative thoughts you could never imagine. but then i realised, if i surrendered, it means i fail as a human, right? thank God everything's over and i'm grateful to have passed through all these. i did learn A LOT, really.
i realised i needed to stop being ungrateful, to stop getting mad all the time, to learn how to draw a real smile on my face, to think fully before i do sth, and most importantly, to learn how to appreciate life for whatever it offers.

:) i'm in the steps of learning and i guess it's okay if i fail sometimes, the point is.. i learn from my mistakes, and not fall in the same hole twice.
be grateful for every single tiny thing, even for those bad days and bad times, because you know, you'll learn something from it. if some things dont work out, it means God has another better plan for you ;)
my days are just getting better and i'm happy. xoxoxo

"whatever happens, happens for a reason,
if God brings you to it, He will bring you through it"

goodnight LOVES♥

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  1. It's a good positive thinking....!!!!
    All things difficult and the problems we face can make us more mature and learn to appreciate life better. It's Natural human thing that must pass in this life. Without them we would never know life is beautiful. Thankful for this life and appreciate what you have today. One hopes..."You'll get the most beautiful thing in your life that you dream all along. To have and have the person you love the most."
    Hopefully ......