Thursday, April 1, 2010

april 2010.

1/4 of 2010 has gone, time really flies fast. i feel like it was just new year, oh well...
it's 1st of april which is April Fool's Day, the day where everyone tells lies and jokes and pranks on each other :D
please be a good month will ya april :)

anyway, my class' jacket is finally here :D loving the color, the design and the kind of cloth they use which is soft. contented ♥

hahaha you may look for my name here ;b

last saturday, went to Cambrige with mom to do some groceries shopping. and ive been craving for Fountain's chocolate waffle, so yeah we ended up having lunch there.

spaghetti bolognaise

choco waffle ♥

sunkist, my favorite fruit :D

momma ♥

sunday : studying for national exam :/:/

now that the national exams are over, at least i get a bit freedom.
but still, another week of school then 2 weeks full of crazy insane exams haunting me.
it's gonna be over it's gonna be over.
24th of april , you better arrive fast ♥

"There is only one person who could ever make you happy,
and that person is you.

have a sweet long weekend ya'all! lovesxoxo

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