Monday, March 15, 2010

gelare and alice.

:) i gotta begin this post with a smile since im having baaaadd days recently and im going to cheer myself up, not going to write why, i guess some things are really meant to be kept private eh?
so, i catched Alice in Wonderland on saturday with my cousin, it was awesome, but i think the 3D effects just isnt enough. oh well it was good for some refreshments though. i gave Gelare ice cream a try and oh i smokin' love the iced chocolate <3

some bonuses teehee

brother ;D he loves eating FYI

im going to take some pictures for my blog today and gotta be back tomorrow.
goodnight and have a sweet one-day holiday buddies (:

"but then i realised i need to be grateful for
whatever comes along with life"


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