Friday, March 12, 2010

that's just life.

well, the intention to blog suddenly crashed me while i was in school today. i guess yeah, i should really add some new posts. my blog is just so, so dead. not that i didnt want to write sth, but everytime i signed in, and clicked on new post, i always had no idea what to write.
so i think i might not write a long post anymore like i used to, and instead ill post pictures and interesting things :)

about school, my junior high school life is coming to its end. school is 1 week left, then holiday from 22-28, and on 29........... the war begins :'( going to face the national exam till 1st of april. ah, i just wish the very best for everyone. i havent really get prepared, but i might soon. then on 5-9, another week of school, which is super useless. 12-14, another school exam in order to enter the senior class, then 15-23, final exam is going to be held. what a month :'( those days are going to be crazy, i'm sure enough.
but no worries, after ALL those, holiday is going to start from the 24th of april till mid of july :D :D :D :D hardwork is really,really going to get paid off. most importantly, the whole class will be going on a farewell trip in the end of april :) i cant wait, really. going to be super fun!

i think i might end here, and some pictures for y'all (:

see how much ive changed :)

PS im gonna add more pictures ;) that's all for now.
thankyou for reading and goodnight xoxo

"As I grow to understand life less and less,
I learn to love it more and more."

Jules Renard

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  1. When I read what your writing in your blog about March, I feel so sad coz I did not help and support you, when you very need it. It likes I did not hear you, hug you when you need someone to support. I'm really really sorry about it. Maybe I am not a good mother. If I remember that time, I am very stress.
    But today after I knew and feel what's your feeling that day. We must promise for nextday in our life to never make same mistake....
    We must be stronged and loving our life and always thanks to God for this day and whats we're having in our life. I'm really happy having you as my daughter. I feel you very mature now. I never think that can happend when you "only" 14th, my little girl....
    What I wrote now is really out from my heart for saluted you. Maybe my English is wrong and you are not understand it. but I want to try it myself. you can correct it, ok??? I still have much word to say, but I think is enough for today...Ok, my girl, I hope you meet someone whose can loving you and make you always happy in your life at future. Only that I can says. Apologizes me about my mistake what make you stressed until you want to .... yourself. Ok...??? For future we must care and share together. GBU....., O ya, after read it you don't crying if feel sad or touching heart. Hahaha.... S M I L E !!!