Saturday, April 16, 2011

Play The Music Low

YAY to saturday (read : weeeeeeekend)!! got 2 weeks off from school starting this monday, no wait not precisely 2 weeks, but who cares? :D

so i was pretty random and goofy today, uh huh.

best meal on a Saturday evening!
who's with me? *slurps*

enough for what happened today, let us rewind backwards. it was a great Friday at school, lunch break to be exact. camwhoreeee! :D

anw, for some of my friends *ahem* who keep on asking me why i love taking pictures THAT much, here i am to answer you. it's because pictures are able to describe literally everything (beside words of course), the things we actually did and whatever happened, and i simply don't want to miss out chances on capturing every single moment. plus, pictures stay the same when everything else changes in the future. don't they just recall the memories? it's just very fun, you'll be able to capture all the funny, sweet, memorable moments. someday you're going to stare at those pictures, look back to the past and realize how much things have changed :)

like for me, at school i will unpurposely stumble upon a picture folder, then scroll over the pictures one by one, and simply tell my friends "hey look! this was when you guys were doing that" or "woah you were so funny-looking back then" or "ah i simply miss those moments"
it is always sweet to reminisce :')

please don't laugh because 4 of us tried so hard not to laugh during the capture session, and this above was like the 6th or 7th shot. ROFL.

Yesterday we went to the 5th floor and saw this freaking big wall, and i immediately went like "come take a picture of us here! i remember us having a picture here as well on the last day of our junior high!" k, we did.

later at night i grabbed this from my Facebook....

and TADAA! :D

see? how much we have changed in terms of appearance.
from blue skirt to grey skirt! :')
(from my curly hair to my straight hair lol)

that's all for today. please don't mind my super lame writing skill.
have a good Sat night people, dance the night away! gotta be back soon xx :)

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