Thursday, April 14, 2011

Jar of Hearts

say hello :)
this is going to be a pretty long post, since i'm lame in writing so okay, pictures describe all about the recent happenings and talk more!

now i have something to complain about this pic above. small eyes!!

and this, i've been having ulcer, flu and sore throat all at once. irritating much.

sooo, that's all for the 'personal'.
now let me present to you, my best girl friends in the world!
(L-R) Cristine Agustine, Me, Jesslyn Callista Lorenzent, Viera Fransisca.

i don't know how my school life would be without them, really :)

apology for all the blurry and bad-quality pictures -.-
i wonder why they come up very small in the post... anyone knows?

my favorite!!

now the dorky side of us :D

Cristine : the girang-est one, she's always very cheerful and screaming everywhere.
and as she's reading this i hope she knows she's one of the most important persons in my life :)

Jesslyn : i can't describe her, really haha. but well, she's one of the nicest persons i've ever known and she is the kind of a quiet, slow-motion girl. okay, exact opposite of C.

Viera : she's one of the funniest, most hilarious friends of mine!
her acts, her words and all just make me laugh everyday :D

and me myself... i'm just going to let them describe, well then. :b

ROFL at this below!

my all-time best friend and seatmate! :)

the pictures are indeed very disappointing since they were taken using my phone, hah.

anyway, i am very glad i found three of you today. well, there are another 3 girls though. but 2 are in Singapore, and 1 is not in the same class with us. so yeah, i will post all about them + the boys sometime this month :)

enough for all the blabs,
bonus of the day :

till then, XOXO

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