Sunday, March 20, 2011

skin-tight jeans

i have no idea how life is now, it seems like i'm not able to catch up with everything. it amazes me how life can move on this fast, i mean in a short period of time. and how people change, how memories are let out of some people's minds that easily. i somehow wish life wasn't this cruel. sigh. guess i shouldn't have been gloomy all of this time and act like nothing happened when something actually did. no, i tell you, i don't deserve any of these, really. i hate crying myself to sleep at night, but i have to since it's the only way for me to let go of all the terrible feelings and memories flashing by. i hate how things don't seem to work out like they used to anymore. again, i wish i was not the kind of person who remembers every single little memory on my mind. because that sucks at some points, just so you know.

and this picture below, was taken in June 2010. i miss how i was always occupied in that lovely month, and May as well. i can't tell much but those will be unforgettable memories. things are not the same anymore, yes.
i miss all of you, my lovely, adorable, used-to-be-sweet best friends. :)

it's 11.24 pm at night, i'm just typing a random post and this blog seems so dead so boring so awful, be back soon for changes. i hope life gets better than ever. may you all have a great brand new week xoxo

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