Sunday, March 13, 2011

missing pieces

earlier today, i organized some of my pictures and stumbled upon the Singapore folder. i have no idea why, but this week, i terribly feel like moving to that small-yet-incredible country for studies. it might sound crazy and a friend of mine is like "how the heck? i dont recommend you to, im getting over-stressed now, better not come" hahaha, i mean like no i won't go for junior college, i will go for uni. but yeah this feeling will only stay for a while and i will go indecisive and be like "no i will get homesick every night". i miss singapore, though. i miss strolling around Orchard window-shopping, looking for food with mom, the crowded streets at night, the malls, purchasing things like i never did before. yes the awesome feeling and everything else ;)

kay i know i shouldn't actually be thinking about all these fun stuffs while i'm in the midst of my monthly test *sobs* i can't wait to get done with everything, sigh school-sucker. & i shouldn't be complaining though, i know the real shit of school hasn't hit me YET :)

i want one of those Tiffany & Co. necklaces, anyone? :b

well, it's already 13th of March and i hope the rest of the month has more beautiful things to offer for all of us :) it's already 1/4 of 2011, amazing.

so many things i wish you knew. too many.

till then, xo

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