Friday, February 11, 2011

born this way

bonjour, les gens :)

the week has finally come to an end, again. time r e a l l y flies like a jet, so surprising. in a blink of an eye, i'll be graduating from the senior high school, taking the steps to a whole new life, university. to be freakin honest, i'm still out of the mind, and have no single clue on what i should take for my major. it's always been a big question to every high school students, isn't it? it's not that simple to choose one, ensuring it has to be my passion, and make benefits in the future, gah. i'm always very baffled everytime teachers or some relatives say "so have you planned on what to take for uni?" and so on. i wish i could answer them proudly and explicitly. that is why my mom has always been supporting me to join this and that course or teach me some new, useful stuffs, to just find the talents and passions of mine. i wonder if i don't even have any? o.o well, i hope this uni thing will no longer be a question as soon as i'm in the last year of high school.

anyway, i really crave for a pair of pink Salvatore Ferragamo Varina! so simple yet sophisticated.

and backless dress like these are very... attractive?
blood-red dress is simply awesome too hehe

anw again, Miley Cyrus is so grown-up now, yes?
no more the innocent little Hannah Montana

her newest music video "Who Owns My Heart" is just so sexy!

that's all, this post is so messed up i guess.
bonne nuit, les gens :)

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