Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Whatever You Like

hi people. i realized i have not been blogging for like almost 2 months. i don't even know where to start now. so i was thinking i might blog about an old bestie of mine. let's meet Kennio Gosti from she's like one of the most unique girls i've ever met. we spent lots of happy times together back then in the second year of our junior high, we shared a diary and guess what, my previous blog url brandeddreamer came from her!

She was a genius and received this scholarship to Singapore. needless to say, farewell... so last june when i made sure i would be going to SG, i told her and we planned for a meet-up. the last time i saw her before that was at school, sometime around December '10. not that long but i miss her craziness!

June 29th, we met up at Paragon and enjoyed ourselves at Ochacha since i wanted to try the muffins. they're like so yum... as i'm writing this, i'm craving for them at the same time.

sorry for wasting so much of your polaroid films hehehe.

first decent picture of us, like finally after years of friendship.

45 minutes before the time she had to leave due to her hostel rules, we decided to head to Cathay and did this japanese photobox thing. it was crazy enough until she had to go back and we waved a bye to each other. i hate doing that, a lot.

oh well, see you in november after you survive the dreading o-level! :D

not to forget, she was so nice that she gave me this early birthday present and cute card with short-but-meaningful sentences. thank you :')

anyway, Happy Independence Day, Indonesia! thank you for the day off. :P
ttyl xx

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  1. cute pictures!

    looks like you had fun

    BTW I followed your lovely blog. I hope you can follow me back =)

    <3 Una