Sunday, June 12, 2011

Tell Me How

i know, i'm not supposed to be typing a post over here at 5.27 am in the morning. i haven't entered the journey of dreamland yet, well let's say it's the fun of holiday ;) i treated myself with some episodes of GLEE earlier today, been watching a bit of season 2 lately and frankly, i've had the complete first season dvds for almost one year so i finally had them played today. i love Dianna Agron, i should say. and Lea has such an amazing voice.... and Cory Monteith is... lovely. it's official, i'm a Gleek! :D

isn't she just beautiful?

"People who are willing to stay in your life will always find a way, don't spend your time worrying about those who don't even make an effort."

so um, have a good Sunday! :)

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