Saturday, June 25, 2011

Keep Holding On

Throughout this past year, i've been switching my lights off before going to bed and doze off. i used to be the one who just couldn't get my eyes closed in the dark. but ever since some of my best friends suggested me to try turning off the lights, it turned out to be a habit for me until now. there, such beautiful sleeping lamps in mom's room that i just noticed.

Another 'sleeping' fact of mine, i dream 6 times out of 7 times sleeping in a week. most of the time i will forget the whole story but there's always a part of it that i'll remember the next morning i wake up. i simply wish those sweet dreams will be happening someday. on the other hand, my sleeping pattern has been such a mess lately. blame holidays. i need to get it fixed so i won't have to waste my fun time for merely sleeping in the hotel during my vacation next week, just like what i did last year. so i'll try sleeping in now. have a good slumber everyone! x

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