Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Daddy's Day

no matter how tall i grow, how big i get, how old i am,
i will always be his little girl :)

Dad has always been the most important man in my life. He's so wise of a man and i look up to him most of the time. He may be the coolest and the funny joker at the same time. Each day, I always try to find some time to sit down and just talk to him about my future, my friends, business, society, philosophies of life, ideas, even brands. and the more i talk about my behaviour or how i react towards some problems, the more i realize that 90% of me resemble him, and i'm incredibly proud of that. No words is able to describe how grateful i am to have you today. I know i can never pay you enough for what you've taught and done for me all of these times, not even thousands of thankyous. For that i hope i will never have to disappoint you and mom in the future & i'm promising to myself that i'll make the both of you proud of having me as your daughter who you always call "the luckiest". I will always take care of you guys and be by your side, you can keep my words on that. And even though someday, i'll marry someone & move out of the house, you will always be my best man, dad.
i love you, now and forever

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