Monday, June 27, 2011

Before The Rainbow

i've been having two of the greatest days of my life. yesterday (Sunday), i slept at 6 in the morning and woke up at 4 pm to an early birthday surprise by 3 of my best friends. despite the fact that i had actually found out about the 'impossible' surprise but then ignored it because i thought it wasn't even my birthday yet, it went great though. thank you a million times to Cristine, Marcel and Tomy. i just can't believe that the 3 of you would come to my house merely for such a 'quiet' surprise. i mean, who would do a birthday surprise with only 3 friends participating? the others weren't able to join due to some reasons but still, i appreciate it like a lot and feel so incredibly blessed to have them as my best friends. they did the same thing last year at Johnson but it was like 10 people and i had a lot of fun as well. :)

i was pretty shocked and went "what date is today?" and they simply said it was because i will not be in town during my birthday so they sort of 'speed' it a bit.

(L-R) Marcel, Tomy, Me, Cristine.

so that was all for yesterday, and still thank you guys!! :)
i went for a sleepover at Utari's house last night and we (cousins) had our quality time today. we went for a swimming session and bowling. no pictures though, we were too busy enjoying ourselves. yet i made a record, i didn't sleep even a minute last night and that is why i should really get my energy restored now. my flight to SG is in 7 hours and i can't wait to pamper myself with all the shoppings. i'll as well be in Penang for a few days then be on Star Cruise right on my birthday yay! :D i hope this vacation goes just as planned.
have a good week everyone. xoxo

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