Monday, May 16, 2011

Victoria's Secret

hello, life has been kinda plain these few days, my friends and i are setting up plans for another trip to brastagi this june. simply hope everything goes well during the planning and of course, the trip itself. can't wait :)

so, i have been browsing about Victoria's Secret since yesterday. i had hours of my eyes not blinking while looking at the pictures. total perfection, glam and sexiness. the models' flat tummy is unbelievable, and how their classy-bitchy poses they bring out is very appealing. sharing some of the photos here. <3

see how glamorous their fashion shows always are?

and my favorite model amongst all of them, Miranda Kerr :D
she's married to Orlando Bloom and has given birth to a baby boy yet her body still looks so incredibly 'model-like'.

second favorite : Alessandra Ambrosio.

have a nice week people, xoxo!

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