Thursday, April 28, 2011

Talk You Down

hello, this is a short post. school starting tomorrow, sigh as always.
April 28th today, by this day last year, i was in the fun of my farewell trip. i miss those moments unbelievably much, i even felt like crying earlier this morning recalling every single thing :( i hope another trip to Brastagi in June will work out and go as planned! *prays* :)

found this picture in my little photos album.
i'm amazed at how handsome my brother used to be...

mom's pyjamas. love!

loving the pattern of this dress.

i've always wanted a dressing room of my own, mom promised me we're going to have one once we get a new house, lol.

anyway, the ROYAL WEDDING fever is everywhere!
they are like, the most favorite couple on Earth at this moment.

like real-life fantasy, definitely.

Prince William and Kate Middleton,
their wedding is soo going to be goddamn amazing and awesome.

Kate is like what every girl wants to be, a princess, classy and lucky. well, despite the insecurity and non-privacy. so happy for the Royal couple ;)

till then readers, xx♥

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