Tuesday, April 5, 2011

One of The Girls

i truly have no idea what to write over here. typical life of a student with the boring routine every week and daily school activities, nothing much interesting about it.

apart from that, everything's been going pretty well, i'm loving life as much as possible, and also writing down my targets and goals that have to be accomplished this year, doing things for my own pleasure and so on and so on. life's beautiful when you make it to be :)


my new routine every night :
sitting down in front of the laptop dealing with Photoshop. mediocre, yes.
oh, and i wish i had a better-quality camera. this one sickens me like a lot.

just feels like sharing my most fave chocolate! :D
it's from Kinder and mad delicious though it's very small. everytime i open up the kinder box with my brother noticing, he will go like "Stop! Please only one." since these ones aren't available in Medan, he said. i've never been a big fan of chocolate, anyway.

last but not least, i wish i will live in any city with views like this in the future.
anywhere around the world, ah :)

till then, xx

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