Monday, January 31, 2011

teenage dream


january seems to end with awesomeness, i dont know why, but it's good about being happy, isnt it? though the beginning was such a huge mess, but i learnt so much from my experiences, and that's another good thing. so, the what-so-called-full-of-love month is finally here tomorrow, i hope it'll be another happy month, as Chinese New Year is in 3 days, 3 freaking days :-) teehee, and another good news has been told today. so yes, i'm on the top of my happiness, nice.

anyways, i want to share my favourite girl in Hollywood, the queen of Gossip Girl!



she is the exact definiton of gorgeous :-)

feels like buying myself this pair of Louboutin.

have an exciting week and Happy Chinese New Year! xoxo <3

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