Wednesday, January 5, 2011

big big things

hello lovelies :)

today is the 5th day of 2011 already, time flies fast doesnt it? school already started 2 days ago *bored face* but yeah the best thing about school is my friends.
without them, life wouldn't be the same ♡

i sort of faced the most horrible days of my life these first few days of 2011 (i know that's really 'awesome') but obstacles always come in our way dont they? they make you a stronger person than you thought you could ever be. to be honest i can see this year as a big one for me, hopefully it wont be as horrible as i predicted, as in things i'm most afraid of will happen. let's just keep the head held high, strengthen the heart, and be ready for anything unexpected. life goes on, though : ) and one thing i did learn : never hope too much bcs when they dont work out as you want them to be, you'll be disappointed. and oh, dont be too happy over something too :)

nothing much to tell, ive been having some quality times with my cousins since they're all back here, before we gather again next chinese new year, approx 1 month to the wonderful & joyful event :)

have a good week people.
oh, have an awesome & memorable 2011 too : )
*hugs and kisses* ♡

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