Saturday, December 18, 2010


i cant believe it's already another weekend, didnt i just say it's weekend? well time flies wayyy too fast nowadays. i'm kind of missing may june and july though, really... so much good memories :(

anyway, i sort of have to start packing now bcs right on the last day of exam (22nd) ill be going to brastagi with the family, and on 24th coming back to medan in the morning and night flight to singapore. gonna be....exhausted *hmph* but enjoying christmas in spore, especially with him, is all i can expect for the end of 2010 <3 i hope everyone have an awesome end of this fabulous year(for me)! so many magical things happened to me in 2010, so 2011 better be good too!

my best buddies ever <3

just sharing some pictures by the way,
have a great weekend and those who are enjoying holiday! xoxo

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