Wednesday, November 24, 2010

what do you want

it seems like.. ive been neglecting this blog, forever. i promise, i swear i'd start blogging again -.-
so, life has been kind of a sucker this month, thank god it's gonna end in 5 days! i hope december will be better, and yeah, my plans do work out well :)

anyway, some of my best friends are already in singapore, for approx 2 weeks alrd. i miss them like really, esp him :"( it was kind of tough on the first few days but i finally got used to it :)

she used to be so caring to me & now in singapore alrd.
good luck girl :) imy

sending the boys off :( my eyes were swollen like O.O


LAST but not LEAST, i want a room like this hehehe *begging face*

11.17 pm as im writing this, goodnight everyone!

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