Friday, September 3, 2010

dear my oh-so-dead blog

i really, really cant remember the last time i've logged in to my blogger account and well, set up a new post. it's the 3rd of september now, and i do wish time ticks slower. i dont want to get into october in which the scholars are going to spend their last month here, and i dont even feel like stepping into november! it's gonna be serious hell. let's see how imma face it :)

in the same related news, my used-to-be BEST class ever, is broken into pieces, even worse is my bests are separated, i cried like hell but what to do? after all im still grateful that i have my best girl friends with me :) im pretty sure this class is gonna be hell though hehehe. i hope one year wont be that long, to gather again in the same class next year :)

anyway, life has been treating me good enough, lovely to be exact. thanks to someone who's always there for me, keep on supporting me and well, his love <3 ily♥

i gotta go now! school on a saturday really sucks, bye and see you buds :)
much loves xoxo

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