Thursday, May 6, 2010

the best thing of my life.

first thing first, very sorry for not updating this dead blog, though it's holiday. the thing is that my laptop is broken, and now being repaired. so i dont get to go online that much unless via bb.

holiday already started pretty much 2 weeks ago, and i just got back from farewell trip to brastagi last friday. it was SUPER fun, and i feel like going back again :( sigh i miss my friends. the trip is like so insane, and everything was so perfect.

first day, we went to bukit kubu and had bbq, that night, the boys were watching soccer match and the girls didnt get to sleep that much since they were shouting like crazy. im the one who slept the most, 5 hours. then sinabung and mikie holiday for the second day. and the last day, we went to market and eat jagung bakar, right after we reached medan, we went to cemara temple and everyone had dinner at hot pan :)
ah it was just like yesterday i kept saying "i cant wait till 28th!!" and now it's over already :( feels sad. oh well, tomorrow im going to school to get our pass! wish us the best luck yay. finally every hard work and effort we've put on in this 3 years of junior high will be paid off!

check these links for more photos (part 1)(part 2)(part 3)(part 4)

you know, the thing that im glad to get after this trip, is that i become more closed with my friends :') they're the best!
and now, im off for conference chat with my friends! hahaha ill blog again sometime ;)

with much loves, xoxo