Thursday, November 19, 2009

happy birthday daddy :D

bonjour! life's been going pretty wonderful this week, and most importantly weekend is coming in 2 days :D i cant be more excited than this, honestly.
anw, i just reached home from a family dinner at taipan, in order to celebrate daddo's birthday :) i love you daddy :)

si leo topui

ayoo makan terus. ayooo

momma looking gorgeous in her red dress ;)
that was the dress she wore on her wedding day years back then :D

my brother was there just to destroy the view.

papa & leo mesum HAHAHA

at sch during lunch break,
my classmates played truth or dare and some other kind of amusing games.
hahaha some pics :

TGIF tomorrow :D :D
my family and i are planning to watch 2012 tmr night,
but im not sure we'll get the tickets :s hopefully we do.
ah goodnight folks :)

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