Saturday, June 27, 2009


i just got back from Brastagi last night
so tired but i had a good sleep ehehhe
the trip was wonderful and perfect except for the fact that it wasnt complete
i feel like it's too quiet i mean my family is always noisy but not for this time.
it was just like 12 people but yeah it's still nice.

first day :
- departed from medan at 8 pm,
- arrived at Brastagi at 11 pm,
- played cards with cousins until 1 am

second day :
- woke up at 9 am,
- jogged around the villa with sis,
- my dad,mom and bro arrived at 11(so weird hahaa),
- went to market until 3
- played kites,basketball,the swings,blablabla until 6
- stayed at the villa until night,had a great dinner cooked by my mom,my auntie and grandma
- played cards until 3 am

third day :
- woke up at 11,
- got ready and cleaned the villa,our clothes and everything until 2,
- had lunch at Restaurant Asia until 3.30,
- my mom and others went to market again but the kids went to Hillpark(just to tell you it's not fun at all we just get on that Puting Beliung ride twice) until 7 then went home :D

everything was awesome! i love the villa so much,
it's right in front of the playground,and the villa is just so great.
there will surely be a second time for me there ehehe :)

so allllll the pics will be available on Facebook tomorrow.
ill upload them asap


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